Puig dances, flips game controllers & ping pong paddles; Butera kills a child


The Dodgers won yesterday, which is good. But Juan Uribe was injured and will likely require a DL stint, and Alex Guerrero became Miguel Olivo‘s lunch, which is not so good.

So to cheer you up, here’s Yasiel Puig being Yasiel Puig at the MLB Fan Cave yesterday.

His voice in English while mimicking others or trying to make jokes is … something. I’ll never get that squeaky “I See You” out of my head. Nightmare fuel.

Of course, the real reason this post exists is for GIFS, glorious GIFS.

As I said on Twitter, I’m convinced he wants to be the NL MVP partially because he loves baseball, but mainly because he loves baseball video games and needs his rating to be higher in MLB The Show 15.


But Drew Butera stole Puig’s thunder on the day, and that’s probably the only time you’ll ever read that phrase again.

How? By killing a kid in dodgeball.

It’s like Peyton Manning on ‘Saturday Night Live except in real life.


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