Vin Scully To Return In 2015, Life Still Worth Living

That’s right, it’s a post in the middle of a game. Does it matter? Of course not, because nothing could possibly be more important than this: Vin Scully announced tonight that he’d be returning for the 2015 season, his 66th (!!) in the booth.

From the press release:

“It is very difficult to say goodbye,” said Scully. “God willing I will be back next year. Over the years I have been blessed to have so many friends including those that sit in the stands and listen as well as those at home, who listen and watch. It is just too hard to say goodbye to all these friends. Naturally there will come a time, when I will have to say goodbye, but I’ve soul-searched and this is not the time.”

The game was briefly paused after the top of the second on Vin Scully Bobblehead Night as Alanna Rizzo appeared on the left-field scoreboard, promising “breaking news,” and while it was really, really fun to think that the team would announce a trade in that way — lord, imagine? — it briefly just led to some “wait, what is all this” confusion as Hyun-jin Ryu read a statement in Korean, then Yasiel Puig in Spanish, and finally Justin Turner in English.

Once you understood what it was, it was actually pretty cute:

Never leave, Vin. We love you with all our hearts.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are down 3-2 in the top of the third. Matt Kemp hit a homer. Josh Beckett looks awful. Jon Lester is probably in the midst of being traded, though maybe to Pittsburgh. Now let’s go back to this one.

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