Start Times Announced For NLDS Games 1 and 2

Finally, answers to the most popular question of the last 24 hours: “When will we know what time the NLDS games are?”

We still don’t know the answer for the entire series, but we do at least for Games 1 and 2. On Friday, Oct. 3, the Dodgers and Cardinals will kick things off at 6:37 pm ET / 3:37pm PT in Los Angeles, on FOX Sports 1.

Is that good? That feels…  not good for everyone. Prepare to take a half day or spend a few hours at your desk pretending you’re working, I guess, then plenty of #shadows talk as we get into the late innings. Clayton Kershaw facing Adam Wainwright while most of the home team fans are still at the office seems less than great.

On Saturday, Oct. 4, it’ll be at 9:37 pm ET / 6:37 pm PT, which is probably much better for you. That one is on MLB Network. Within the U.S., all postseason games are blacked out on, so don’t even ask.

We don’t yet know the start times for Game 3 (Monday in St. Louis), 4 (Tuesday in St. Louis) or 5 (Thursday back in Los Angeles), though they should be released this week.

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