Coming Soon: Season Reviews

Has it really been less than two weeks since the 2014 season ended? Think about how much has happened since then. Ned Colletti is out-ish. Andrew Friedman is in. Okay, that might be the only two things, but they’re such big, big things. With that in mind, and with some open questions about who will actually be the GM — I still think Josh Byrnes! — and replace De Jon Watson, looking forward feels so much more fun than looking backwards.

Then again, it’s only Oct. 20, and the World Series hasn’t even started yet. There’s so much time to fill. So that being the case, season reviews! Delicious, glorious content, an opportunity to relive Clayton Kershaw‘s greatness, a chance to go “oh yeah, Jamie Romak, how about that.” So we’ll get those kicked off this week, starting with the catchers, namely A.J. Ellis.

Anyway: Yes, we know the comments aren’t working. Soon! Soon.

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