Dan Haren Had Shoulder Surgery, If You Care (You Don’t)

Do we care about Dan Haren any longer? He hasn’t officially picked up his 2015 team option yet, and he has until a few days after the World Series to do so.¬†Most assume he willl, because, hey, $10 million to pitch close to home. Yes, please? Anyway, we’re operating under the assumption that he’ll be back, and doctors are operating on his shoulder:

Fortunately, that is indeed his non-throwing shoulder, and a quick look at his injury history shows that he’s never had surgery before, at least not as a pro. He had some back stiffness in 2012 and a shoulder issue in 2013, but that’s about it. So, something to keep in mind, I suppose, as we keep an eye on players this winter. And if Haren does unexpectedly decline his option and retire? Well, forget I said anything.

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