Dodgers traded the Twins pocket change to complete Kevin Correia deal

The Dodgers have sent cash to the Twins to complete the Aug. 9 deal for pitcher Kevin Correia, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue LA. How much? Not sure, but I’m hoping that rumor of $1 to $200 is true, because … hahaha.

Correia put up a 8.03 ERA and 6.33 FIP during his stint with the team, which means he miraculously managed to be worth almost one negative win in a mere 24.2 innings. If you think about accomplishments in terms of rarity, that is certainly amazing and impressive.

Correia was Ned Colletti‘s last trade acquisition as a GM, which is perfect. Even if Correia was terrible, at least the jokes about who the PTBNL was going to be in this deal were fun while they lasted.

Anyway, Mike will have a great post on the front office coming up in a few hours, but I just had to get this in.


Here’s Correia shaking his head:

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