Yasiel Puig & Drew Butera finally make Japan Series relevant to Dodgers fans

The MLB All-Stars opened their time in Japan with an 8-7 exhibition win against the combined teams of Hanshin Tigers and Yomiuri Giants, with Yasiel Puig going 1-for-4 with an RBI and Drew Butera going 0-for-1 but coming up with an important pick-off at second. Unfortunately, once the actual Japan Series started, neither did much of anything. The MLB All-Stars lost three games in a row to Samurai Japan (and thus the series), with Puig going 0-for-7 with three walks and Butera never playing an inning. Most importantly, there were no GIF-able moments.

Fortunately, today was much different, as the MLB All-Stars took the game 6-1 and the Dodgers players starred. Puig went 3-for-4 with two doubles and a great diving catch, while Butera went 0-for-4 but made a great play behind the plate.


It started with Puig’s first hit of the series.

Something Robinson Cano seemed to enjoy trolling him about.

Then Puig tallied another double…

…which he tried to play cool with a mini-flip. Or “weak shit” in terms of NPB bat-flipping, probably.

Almost right after that, he came up with a diving catch.

And a single rounded out his day.

Amazing what he can do when not benched in a Game 4!


Butera’s highlight came in the last inning and it was a beauty.

Feels good that I finally haven’t wasted my nights/mornings watching all these games.

Hopefully they’ll continue to provide me with relevance when they play again on Nov. 18.

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