Winter Meetings Day One: Matt Kemp Is Still A Dodger

Jon Lester is a Cub, unless he’s a Giant, or maybe he’s a Red Sox, unless he’s not. Maybe he’s a Yankee! Brandon Moss is with Cleveland, in a deal that initially seems weird for Oakland but seems less so when you remember how badly injured Moss’ hip seemed to be. Kendrys Morales wants “multiple years and substantial dollars,” and yes, I do also want a pony. The Angels could be willing to listen on C.J. Wilson, which makes sense because Wilson isn’t any good. The Braves might have asked for Yordano Ventura for Evan Gattis!

Needless to say, things are getting stupid. And Matt Kemp? He’s still a Dodger, despite endless rumors to the contrary. So is Carl Crawford. So is Andre Ethier. As the first day of the winter meetings turns from day into evening, the Moss move is the only one that’s actually happened. That’s likely to change soon — Lester and Chase Headley both seem like they’ll get signed in the near future — but for now, it’s still endless, silly, rampant speculation.

That’s a lot of fun, of course, but also, holy lord is it not fun. And yet we write posts about it anyway. Come join us for all the speculation you can handle. I’m sure we’ll be talking about this endlessly all week.

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