Chris Heisey Gets Paid Actual American Dollars

Hooray, content to knock the Jamey Wright review off the front page! As expected, not all of the Dodger arbitration cases were going to make it to the actual arbitrator, and after A.J. Ellis‘ agreement, we now have news of another, Chris Heisey:

Heisey, 30, made $1.76 million last year, so this is about the expected and minimal raise. Heisey is nothing all that special, but it still entertained me that some Dodger fans didn’t like it when he was acquired for Matt Magill on Dec. 2. Magill likely doesn’t have a big league future in front of him at all, while Heisey still has options left and can be left in Triple-A as insurance in case he’s needed to spot in center. He’ll have one more year of arbitration eligibility.

With the $2.16 million added, the 2015 Dodgers payroll now stands at $220.26 million guaranteed, and $245.535 million overall. That’s sure to rise when the arbitration cases for Kenley Jansen, Juan Nicasio and Justin Turner are factored in.

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