Our Top Ten, On Your TV

Did you see today’s 6-4 Dodgers spring training loss to the White Sox? Probably not. I mean, it was on at noon on a Wednesday, and it was on SNLA, which few people actually get. So no, you didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. Thanks, day job.

Some things happened, though. Joc Pederson got a single and a double, which was nice. O’Koyea Dickson hit a solo homer. Alex Guerrero got two hits and didn’t kill himself playing third base. Andre Ethier almost did playing center. Probably the less said about Juan Nicasio and Carlos Frias the better. I’m not going to pretend to analyze the first televised game of the spring. Almost none of this matters.

This was fun, though:

Hey! Cool. All of Dustin’s hard work ended up on television, kind of. It’s literally the only thing you can take away of relevance from an otherwise irrelevant game. Nice work, Dustin. Nice work on you, too, SNLA producer who wanted to put that up. Now, can we please just get this carriage mess sorted out so that everyone can see our cool lists? Oh, and “Dodger games in what looks to be a very competitive season when we’re never sure if we’re living in Vin Scully’s last year in the booth.” That too.

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