Joc Pederson Destroyed A Baseball

You know, I thought the Will Ferrell stuff would have been tedious today, but it actually turned out to be pretty entertaining. By the time he got to the Dodgers, he entered to throw exactly one pitch, inducing a bunt before pretending to be mad when Don Mattingly came to take him out. (“I throw a slurge,” he told Austin Barnes.)

Afterwards, he went out to right field for the Padres, and I not-so-secretly hoped that Joc Pederson would hit one out to right. He did. Sort of. Good lord, Joc:

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That swing. That sweet, gorgeous swing. You can see that it’s a little big, and that’s why there’s always going to be some swing-and-miss in there, but it’s not hard at all to see why everyone’s so high on him.

Hey Will, what’d you think?

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