Say A Prayer for The Remnants Of That 2014 Dodger Bullpen

Remember last year? When the Dodgers had “too many closers” and an overwhelming amount of veteran presence and all that, in what was the most expensive bullpen ever assembled? And then, for the most part, it was awful? The new front office cut most of those guys loose. For the ones who found a home this winter, the last few days have been a bloodbath:

Poor Paul Maholm, cut from a Reds staff that’s going with Jason Marquis in the rotation.

Poor Kevin Correia, let go barely three weeks after he was signed in the first place.

Poor Chris Perez, released despite a 2.70 ERA, because spring training stats do not matter:

Poor Jamey Wright, who gets no snark here because he was actually moderately useful in two stints with the Dodgers for just about no money at all:

Poor Brian Wilson, who has completely disappeared after the Dodgers DFA’d him last winter, though I guess if I were being paid around $10 million to do nothing at all, I would literally do nothing, at all:

Toss in Brandon League, likely to miss most of the season with a shoulder injury, and the 2015 bullpen is mostly free and clear of the mistakes of Ned Colletti. That’s not to say that the 2015 version is guaranteed to be better, because we’re already seeing plenty of concern on that front. But it wasn’t assembled based on saves, so if by nothing else, it makes more sense. So long, most expensive and awful bullpen ever. (And come back soon, Kenley Jansen.)

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