You’ll Never Escape Ned Colletti, Ever

No way to start other than with the actual news:

Nearly a decade after he came to town, and about five months after he was shoved aside in favor of our shiny new front office of dorks, Colletti’s found a way to stay in the Dodgers’ orbit. Forever. And ever. It’s not without precedent, of course. Ken Harrelson was the White Sox GM in 1986, and has been calling their games ever since 1990. Of course, he was a broadcaster for several years prior to that, and he routinely appears at the bottom of any “worst broadcaster” rankings, and… well, I’m not sure where I’m going with that. Nowhere that’s going to make you feel better, anyway.

No word yet on how often he’ll be on, but he’s certainly not doing play-by-play, and I can’t imagine he’s going out on the road to do this. Maybe it won’t be terrible. He’s probably got some fun stories. On the other hand, if this annoys you, then the fact that you almost certainly won’t be getting any of these games anyway might not burn so much.

* * *

Hey, I’m not going to link to you-know-who’s article about how a World War II veteran can’t watch the Dodgers. (Or so I’ve gathered from tweets. I haven’t read it. Life’s too short.) Generally, I’d ignore a puff piece like that entirely. What I will say is this: It stinks for that man that he’s not able to watch this team. It stinks for everyone else, too. But I’m also guessing that it the opportunity were there, it would take about half a second for three dozen people to all immediately volunteer to go to that man’s home and hook him up with one of the many “alternative” ways to watch the Dodgers, free of charge. I know I would. It’s ridiculous that such measures are even necessary, but they are there.


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