Joc means the Dodgers have a center fielder + Puig knocked out of game

Hey, Joc Pederson made a circus catch in center after chasing down a ball from what seemed like left-center field. I had doubts about his ability to play in center because he really isn’t the fastest guy, but it’s clear that he gets quality reads, which makes up for whatever top-end deficiency in speed he has.

The most common answer to my question on Twitter of when the last time the Dodgers had a quality defensive center fielder? Brett Butler. Yeesh.

Maybe now Joc Pederson.


In more concerning news, Yasiel Puig got knocked out by an elbow from Howie Kendrick, who still thinks he’s on the Angels.

No word on the severity yet, but I just really really really hope it’s not concussion related because that could get tricky.


It was a precautionary removal from the game and Puig says he’s fine, according to Earl Bloom of

Puig was checked by a doctor and the Dodgers said there is no injury. He is expected to be available to play Friday.

Puig waved off media requests as he left the clubhouse, saying only “I’m fine.”

Crisis averted.

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