The Dodgers Traded For Mat Latos, Except Maybe They Didn’t

Earlier today, it was reported that the Dodgers had acquired Mat Latos, a draft pick, and the paycheck of Michael Morse for… not much. Jeff Brigham, probably. Not likely any prospects anyone would miss. Much like the Ricky Nolasco trade in 2013, a useful mid-rotation Miami rental starter would head west without most cost going back.

But hours and hours after the deal, still, nothing had been finalized. At one point we heard it was actually a three-teamer, and that the Dodgers were trying to find somewhere to dump Morse on, since it’s not likely they ever wanted him for the roster.

Latos’ wife knew about it:

So did Mat:

Except now..

And then:


So… it’s been a fun day. Probably, it’s because Latos was on the DL earlier this year, or because Brigham has had Tommy John surgery, or because of something with one of the two unknown prospects. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from insisting the Dodgers are backing out because David Price may be available, as though they need to save “not much of anything at all” to send to Detroit.

Probably, it’s just that the leak came way, way sooner than it should have. Ideally, trade news doesn’t come out until the deal is done, or at least 99% there. More to come, probably?

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