Housekeeping: Beachy, Tsao, Morse, Heisey DFA’d

This is just some housekeeping, because you’ve probably seen it all already, and it’s meant more because when things get so crazy around deadline time, the site can churn when each post collects two bajillion comments.

So, earlier, I wondered how the Dodgers would make room on the 40-man roster. Turns out my guesses were correct… mostly.

Added to 40-man: Alex Wood, Mat Latos, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan
Moved or added to 60-day DL: Chris Hatcher, Bronson Arroyo
Designated for assignment: Brandon Beachy, Chin-hui Tsao, Chris Heisey, Michael Morse
Optioned to Triple-A: Jose Peraza

That’s mostly as expected, but not entirely. I never thought Morse would suit up, and he didn’t. Tsao and Heisey seemed obvious DFA options. Hatcher to the 60-day only sets him back until August 14, and he’s barely begun his rehab.

It’s Beachy, however, that surprises me. No, he wasn’t impressive in his two starts back, but after what he came back from, I don’t think anyone expected him to be all that stellar right away. With Andy Wilkins and Ronald Torreyes occupying the Justin Sellers Memorial “Bottom of the 40-Man” spots, it’s not like there weren’t other options. It’s possible that the team simply didn’t like the way he looked physically and didn’t think he’d be able to rebound. I don’t know. He could choose to go back to Triple-A if he’s not claimed. He could opt to be a free agent. I doubt we’ll see him again.

I’ve seen some people ask about Zach Lee, but the answer is that these are two different steps. Today was about the 40-man, which is now back to 40. Tomorrow is going to be about the 25-man active roster, which is, for the moment, at 29. Lee going down seems clear. Yimi Garcia, probably, since he was only brought back from the minors last weekend because of need. Mike Bolsinger absolutely doesn’t deserve to, but he’s obviously not in the rotation any longer, so anything’s possible.

Oh, and all of this will be made irrelevant by the inevitable trade that’s going to come tomorrow to import a reliever and send Carl Crawford or Alex Guerrero or something bizarre out the door in some kind of deal we can’t even comprehend yet. Of course.

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