Giants 5, Dodgers 0: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Well that was about the opposite of exciting or dramatic.

The Giants jumped out to an early lead in the first on a Matt Duffy two-run homer and never looked back, resulting in relatively easy 5-0 win. The fact that the victory was a breeze was due to the fact that Mike Leake threw a two-hit complete game shutout, and the (PROBABLY) hungover Dodgers seemed to not give too many shits.

Put it this way, there were basically no highlights for the Dodgers today and basically nothing cool happened.

The end.


As for Dodgers starter Mike Bolsinger, well, he’s just lost it this September.

Combination of losing a feel for his curve and fatigue, probably. Doesn’t change the fact that he was basically a season saver for the work he did this year.

Also, Kenley Jansen surrendered another run in a low leverage situation, which continues a bizarre trend for him in 2015. Not counting today, Kenley has given up a .386 OPS in high leverage situations, a .319 OPS in medium leverage situations, and a .765 OPS in low leverage situations. So this year he’s basically made every hitter a bad hitting pitcher in situations that have any significance but if the game’s result isn’t in doubt, he becomes a below-average pitcher. Weird.

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