There’s That Yasmani Grandal Surgery News

I’ve been making some version of this joke about Yasmani Grandal‘s shoulder for weeks:

But man, even I was surprised to see this come out from Pedro Moura approximately 20 minutes after the game ended:

I mean, everyone in the world knew Grandal was hurt, and as I said, surgery seemed likely. But to see there’s already a date! This is, of course, not going to satisfy anyone who watched him struggle through two strikeouts and a walk last night, and had wanted A.J. Ellis to start in his place. (Ellis appeared in the ninth and struck out against Jeurys Familia.) While I would have preferred Ellis, I do understand not wanting to force Zack Greinke away from his regular catcher in a do-or-die situation. Imagine if that’s what they’d done, and then Greinke struggled?

Anyway, any time you see a feared hitter take a total nosedive while playing through a shoulder injury that requires surgery, you think of Matt Kemp, and we know how that went. It’s premature to speculate on whether this is anything similar to that, and perhaps we’ll know more next week. For now, though: Great way to start off the offseason. Great way.

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