Don Mattingly Gets the Job We All Knew He Would Get

Today, in just the least surprising news that’s ever happened, ever:

The Miami Marlins have hired Don Mattingly to be their next manager, according to a person with knowledge of the situation who is not yet authorized to speak publicly.

Mattingly’s deal is for four years, according to the source. He will be the club’s eighth manager since 2010. The Marlins are thought to be waiting until after the World Series to make a formal announcement.

I think we knew from the second Mattingly and the Dodgers parted ways that Miami would be the likely next stop for him; feels like we’ve been hearing those rumors for years. It’s a team that as currently constructed isn’t really a contender, though you could say that when you’re starting with Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich, and Carter Capps, maybe you’re not that far away — if they can find some rotation reinforcements. It’ll be interesting to see if any Dodger coaches, like Rick Honeycutt or Davey Lopes, join Mattingly in Miami, but it’s obviously far too early to speculate considering we don’t even know who the next Dodger manager is.

Anyway, the Marlins haven’t confirmed yet, but this seems pretty solid. Interestingly, the most recent tweet from @Marlins is this…

OUT of Dodger Stadium, you say? Too appropriate for today’s news.

Also, Poor Mike Bolsinger. He’s going to wear that one for decades.

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