Dodgers’ managerial update: Candidates narrowed, but still unclear

Word broke on Friday that the Dodgers had narrowed down their managerial search to four candidates. It came from ESPN’s Jim Bowden, so I was immediately skeptical — especially when he said the four candidates would come from a list of … five names.

Kirk Gibson was one of the original five, but the story was later updated to remove Gibson and have the final four be Bud Black, Darin Erstad, (he withdrew his name from consideration for the job) Gabe Kapler and Dave Roberts.

J.P. Hoornstra of the L.A. Daily News had a slightly different version of the story.

“Two sources familiar with the process told me that this is not entirely accurate. One source told me that three candidates, not four, will get second interviews, and that one of the three might not be from the group of five ESPN reported. So we’ll see. The Dodgers aren’t confirming a specific number of second-interview candidates yet.”

I’m more inclined to believe a Dodger beat writer rather than a guy who is notoriously known as “Ralph,” not just because I want to see Dave Martinez still in the running. And that’s my guess as to who the name not listed might be. He just makes too much sense.

Earlier this week, I wrote about Roberts’ candidacy.

“San Diego is going a different direction with their managerial search, making Roberts available. There’s no telling what his management style will be, but if the front office thinks enough of him to have him be a serious candidate, it has to be good. Roberts also, reportedly, came in second in the Mariners’ managerial search. New GM Jerry DiPoto is a saber guy, so that also lends a little credibility to Roberts’ candidacy in Los Angelels.”

What can be said (almost) for sure is that Bob Geren, Ron Roenicke and Tim Wallach are all on the outside looking in. Roenicke would be nice to have back as the third base coach, while Wallach is all-but-ticketed for the bench coach job in Miami next to Don Mattingly.

Now, if the four or five candidates reported by ESPN turns out to be true, I’d rank them as such:

Martinez is still the top of my list, but I’d be perfectly fine with Roberts as the manager. Not sure Black would be his bench coach, seeing as the two had those roles reversed while in San Diego. It’d just be a little awkward is all. I’d still rather Kapler stay in his current position, but if he starts as a bench coach, that might be best for his managerial future.

This will all be wrapped up in the next 10-14 days, then people can start calling for the new manager to be fired.

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