5 Dodgers placed on MLB.com 2016 Top 100 prospects list, including a new name

Five Dodgers prospects were found on MLB.com‘s list of their Top 100 prospects for 2016. Four of them were just found on Baseball Prospectus‘ list yesterday, and there was also one recently acquired farmhand that made the grade as well.

1. Corey Seager
4. Julio Urias
24. Jose De Leon
62. Grant Holmes
95. Frankie Montas

Corey Seager, Julio Urias, and Jose De Leon were covered yesterday and are ranked about where I would’ve expected without much change from Baseball Prospectus’ list.

Grant Holmes is also on the MLB.com list, but when I said I was a bit surprised he was at #40 at Baseball Prospectus, I meant this is about where I expected to see him. The same goes for the two off-season Cuban signings who ranked at Baseball Prospectus in Yadier Alvarez and Yusniel Diaz, who were not the Top 100 for MLB.com at all, a result I would’ve figured at least until they’ve shown anything in the Dodgers organization.

The new addition on MLB.com that hasn’t been covered yet is Frankie Montas, the new off-season acquisition from the White Sox. Montas and his triple-digit fastball profiles at the back-end of a bullpen, which is just what the Dodgers may require sooner than later. However, the Dodgers want him to start, but I’m not sold on his third pitch nor his command. 2016 could be his make-or-break year in terms of determining his future role.


As I said for the last list, it’s a positive that different voices have many different Dodgers prospects in or around the top 100 prospects in the majors, because it shows a lot of guys in the system are talented enough to be on the precipice.

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