Welcome Sarah Wexler and Stacie Wheeler to Dodgers Digest

Since Mike abandoned us, we have to fill the void left by him here at Dodgers Digest. So today, Chad, Daniel and I are thrilled to announce the addition of not one, but two new writers: Sarah Wexler and Stacie Wheeler.


Sarah is a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach, as a sports management major. That’s great — she can be our agent when we finally hit it big … in 2075. She also has her own site on Tumblr (a thing on the Internet, it seems): New Grass on the Field. She has also been published at The Hardball Times (can’t believe I found a Creative Commons image for this post).

Stacie is a veteran writer who has blogged at Lasorda’s Lair, Dodgers Nation and, most recently, at Dodger Blue. She’s already working on a post for this here website. Huzzah! Like Sarah, Stacie has also been published (Nancy Bea) on The Hardball Times (Justin Turner/NRIs). She’s a graduate of USC and has been at this whole baseball thing since 2010.

Sarah and Stacie will be helping with the day-to-day operations around these parts (threads, recaps), as well as working on features and columns. While we’ll definitely end up appreciating the help on threads, recaps, et al, we’re really looking forward to the features and columns they will provide. With them being based in Los Angeles, expect them to be at the stadium much more frequently than Chad, Daniel or myself. Stacie is even going to Spring Training toward the end of the month, so that’s awesome. We couldn’t be more excited to add two talented writers to the site. I know you’re probably all tired just reading about prospects, looking at graphs and gifs.

Do us a favor and welcome Sarah and Stacie to Dodgers Digest. They may or may not visit the comments section at some point. Try not to inundate them too much too often with all the inside stuff. Follow them on Twitter @SarahWexler32 (Sarah, duh … and the “32” is for Sandy) and @organicallyrude (Stacie).

Again, welcome Sarah and Stacie. I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourselves into.

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Dustin Nosler began writing about the Dodgers in July 2009 at his blog, Feelin' Kinda Blue. He co-hosted a weekly podcast with Jared Massey called Dugout Blues. He was a contributor/editor at The Hardball Times and True Blue LA. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with his bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in digital media. While at CSUS, he worked for the student-run newspaper The State Hornet for three years, culminating with a 1-year term as editor-in-chief. He resides in Stockton, Calif.