Dodgers Digest’s own Sarah Wexler surely made Dodgers history last night

In what will surely go down as a watershed moment in Dodgers history, our own Sarah Wexler came up with the biggest hit the team has had in the past six games by taking Yasiel Puig‘s ‘#PuigYourFriend‘ hashtag and somehow convincing a whole ton of other people to run with it.


It all started with Puig burying the hatchet with recent Los Angeles Rams draftee and Giants fan Jared Goff.


And in the midst of all the misery that resulted in the Dodgers dropping their sixth straight game, the idea was put forth to make the hashtag a thing in order to start winning.


Thing is, an awful lot of people actually started doing it.

Desperation is why I did it.

Daniel did it.

Then Eric Stephen of True Blue LA.


Then, uh, the Dodgers.


Then people within the Dodgers like Shaun Larkin.


Amazing, honestly.

The past week has been rather depressing for Dodgers fans, so some fun and levity on a Saturday night was definitely a welcome change to outright misery.

Thanks to Sarah for this glorious mess.


Personally, though, I’m still waiting for Orel Hershiser to get in on this.

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