2016 Home Run Derby Thread

The 2015 Home Run Derby was radically different from the contests that preceded it. Rather than having rounds based on “outs,” the rounds were timed. Therefore, participants could take as many hacks as they wanted.

A full list of the rules, via MLB.com’s A.J. Cassavell:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.25.45 PM

And here’s this year’s bracket:

Corey Seager will be up against Mark Trumbo in the first round. Trumbo hit three of his league-leading 28 home runs in last week’s series at Dodger Stadium.

On facing Trumbo, Seager said, “I’m in trouble. I’m in a lot of trouble,” with a laugh. “You always want to win, but … it’s gonna be fun playing with the guys, hanging out with the guys. It’s just gonna be a good time.”

Jeff Seager, Corey’s father, will pitch to the Dodgers rookie. According to Corey, his dad throws to him every offseason.

Joc Pederson came in second place in last year’s Home Run Derby, finishing just one home run behind Todd Frazier. Pederson discussed his experience with Seager, and Seager relayed that conversation: “He said it was fun. He said just to enjoy it. He said don’t worry about getting tired, don’t worry about all that other stuff.”

Coverage of the derby starts at 5 PM Pacific on ESPN, though who knows what that means for when they’ll actually get to the DINGERS.

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