A shocking new report by Fox Sports and Ken Rosenthal has blown the doors off yet another Dodgers controversy. Dave Roberts has already lost the clubhouse about 50 times this season, like when the team collapsed after he removed Ross Stripling from his no-hitter, or when he personally prevented the team from trading for Chris Sale, or when he shot A.J. Ellis into the sun with his own rocket ship, or when he yanked Rich Hill from his perfect game, or when he called Yasiel Puig back up from AAA despite him not washing his hands (that’s why Zack Greinke left!). Well, apparently Dave has done it again, as even with the team’s Magic Number down to 2, players are in open revolt over playing time.

Now? Really?


They’re causing all this trouble NOW of all times?

As clubs employ a greater number of platoons, players sometimes grow frustrated with a lack of regular playing time.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts acknowledged Friday that several players have conveyed such frustration to him as the team continues its march to the NL West title.

Dave has really lost the clubhouse this time! It’s a nightmar…

“You would expect that — you have so many good players that can make a case to play more,” Roberts said. “Everyone wants to play. I don’t fault that. But I can’t make everyone happy. I’ve got to do what I see is best for us to win a game that night.”

Yeah, bu…

The Dodgers players, Roberts said, have an “understanding of where we’re at” even as they lobby for more playing time.



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