2016 Winter Meetings: Shopping McCarthy/Kazmir, Dozier interest, Kenley & Marlins

The Winter Meetings are getting started today, which if nothing else at least means that we’ll be getting a ton of rumors. That’s not to say, of course, that there weren’t already rumors leading into the Winter Meetings, so we should review those now.


By all accounts, Rich Hill has agreed to a three-year deal worth over $40 million with the Dodgers. However, the announcement is continually being pushed back.

Why? Because the Dodgers are trying to shop Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir, and others in order to solve their roster crunch.

Makes sense that with a deal in place with Hill the Dodgers can start trying to dump the salaries of players who might not even make the Dodgers rotation next year.


We’ve been talking about Brian Dozier around these parts for a while now, and the Dodgers are pursuing him.

If the Dodgers can somehow add Dozier and retain Justin Turner, the lineup all of a sudden looks awful promising. Granted, it’s way too early to get excited about that possibility given the source and that things appear preliminary at best, but it’s an appealing dream.


The Marlins are aiming to ruin everything for the Dodgers, as it’s reported they’re willing to go five years and $80 million on Kenley Jansen for whatever reason.

I had the upper bounds of a potential Jansen contract at five years and $80 million, so if this is true then the Marlins may already be close to winning his services before the bidding war even got started.

Losing Kenley would be a huge blow to the Dodgers, both to the bullpen and just as fans, but if the bidding gets carried away like things did with Zack Greinke last year, there’s only so far it makes sense to chase.

Hopefully it’s just the Marlins posturing.


Oh yeah, Shohei Otani is set to be posted next year.

It’s hard to say much about it because it’s unclear how this might go down and what kind of rules might change. However, one just has to hope that the Dodger are eligible to get a shot at him.

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