2017 MLB Draft: Dodgers’ Big Board, v 4.0, mocks, rumors and more

This is my final MLB Draft Big Board as the event is starting. This will also serve as the draft thread.

I’ve increased the number of players from 15 to 20, some of whom could be available in the second round (pick No. 62). But before we get to the board, let’s look at the players who have been mocked to the Dodgers and some of the late rumors regarding the Dodgers.

Mock Drafts

Here’s a composite of mock drafts from the big guys. These are the players who have been mocked to the Dodgers in respective mock drafts.

Mock Draft Player
Baseball America 2.0 Heliot Ramos
Baseball America 3.0 Griffin Canning
Baseball America 3.5 Bubba Thompson
Baseball America 4.0 Keston Hiura
Baseball America 4.5 Jeren Kendall
Baseball America 5.0 Bubba Thompson
ESPN 1.0 Bubba Thompson
ESPN 2.0 Bubba Thompson
ESPN 3.0 Logan Warmoth
FanGraphs 1.0 Bubba Thompson
FanGraphs 1.0 Bubba Thompson
MLB.com 2.0 Logan Warmoth
MLB.com 3.0 Nate Pearson
MLB.com 4.0 Bubba Thompson
MLB.com 5.0 Tanner Houck
MLB.com 6.0 Bubba Thompson
MLB.com 6.5 (Callis) Bubba Thompson
MLB.com 6.5 (Mayo) Tanner Houck
MLB.com 7.0 (Callis) Bubba Thompson
MLB.com 6.5 (Mayo) Tanner Houck
Perfect Game 1.0 Brendon Little
Perfect Game 2.0 Bubba Thompson
Perfect Game 3.0 Bubba Thompson

The overwhelming consensus is Alabama prep outfielder Bubba Thompson. The rumor today is the Rays might pop him at No. 4 to save some money for a prospect who might fall. In that case, UNC shortstop Logan Warmoth would be next up. I’d be fine with either prospect, as you’ll see below.


There are always rumors on draft day, and not just about the teams picking atop the draft.


Jeren Kendall is a toolsy outfielder from Vanderbilt. Like most high-upside outfield prospects in this field, there are questions about his contact ability and signability. He has been a projected Top 10-15 pick this entire time, but might be falling. Piliere had this nugget on Friday about Farhan Zaidi watching Kendall closely at the SEC Tournament.


Makes a lot of sense, if he’s available. That would also mean things have happened ahead of the Dodgers’ pick (i.e., guys were chosen earlier than expected).

And, as of a little more than an hour ago…


Perhaps I should get to “scouting” Mr. Kendall.

In an interview with MLB.com, scouting director Billy Gasparino mentioned one player by name.

“Gasparino said the Dodgers have about 10 scenarios set up for this draft, and mentioned college baseball batting champion and UC Irvine standout Keston Hiura as a possible option if he falls to the Dodgers. Hirua’s smaller frame was also not a concern for Gasparino and his staff, he said. They see it as an advantage. ‘We actually like his body type a lot,’ Gasparino said. ‘Especially in terms of ingredients to hit. We think his short, kind of stronger compact build gives him an advantage over some other hitters. We’re really comfortable with his athleticism and body type.'”

Unfortunately for Gasparino, it looks like Hiura, despite the injury concerns, will be gone long before No. 23 (and as early as No. 5-6).

The Dodgers have also been tied to players mentioned earlier in Thompson and Warmoth. They also like left-hander David Peterson out of Oregon, but it’s highly unlikely he makes it to No. 23.

Previous versions of Big Board:

My Big Board, v 4.0

1. OF Heliot Ramos, Alfonso Casta Martinez HS (P.R.) No. 19 to San Francisco
2. LHP David Peterson, Oregon No. 20 to New York NL
3. OF Jordon “Jo” Adell, Ballard HS (Ky.) No. 10 to Anaheim
4. SS Logan Warmoth, North Carolina No. 22 to Toronto
5. 1B/OF Evan White, Kentucky No. 17 to Seattle
6. OF Bubba Thompson, McGill-Toolen HS (Ala.) No. 26 to Texas
7. 2B/OF Keston Hiura, UC Irvine No. 9 to Milwaukee
8. RHP Sam Carlson, Burnsville HS (Minn.)
9. LHP Brendon Little, State JC of Florida-Manatee No. 27 to Chicago NL
10. RHP Blayne Enlow, St. Amant HS (La.)
11. 3B Mark Vientos, American Heritage HS (Fla.)
12. RHP Griffin Canning, UCLA
13. RHP Tristan Beck, Stanford
14. RHP Corbin Martin, Texas A&M
15. RHP Blaine Knight, Arkansas
16. 3B/1B Jake Burger, Missouri State No. 11 to Chicago AL
17. LHP Trevor Rogers, Carlsbad HS (N.M.)
No. 13 to Miami
18. RHP Hans Crouse, Dana Hills HS (Calif.)
19. RHP Tanner Houck, Missouri
20. C Luis Campusano, Cross Creek HS (Ga.)

Ramos has been No. 1 on my board this entire process, and that’s where he ends. He’s the guy I want the Dodgers to draft.

Peterson is firmly entrenched at No. 2 because he’s one of the most polished pitchers available and has better-than-advertised stuff.

Adell is the prospect listed above with the highest ceiling. He also has the highest bust potential because his ability to make contact is a serious question mark.

Warmoth has been one of the biggest risers of late, and not just on my board. The Dodgers have been linked to him a lot recently.

White is still one of my favorite prospects because he’s so polished at the plate and in the field. Tapping into his power potential will be a big test for any player development department.

Thompson is extremely athletic with good power potential and defense. His ability consistently make contact is a question mark.

Hiura is a late addition to this list because I didn’t think he’d be available. But the Dodgers are definitely interested in him.

Carlson was the subject of my last profile. I just couldn’t go through an entire draft season without looking at a prep arm. And he’s one of the better ones available.

Little has a near plus-plus fastball and a hammer curveball. His delivery is a bit funky and his command is lacking, but there aren’t many LHPs who can hit the mid-90s consistently available in this draft.

Enlow is another prep arm who is making his way up my list. He has a high-spin curveball, and we know the Dodgers love themselves some high spin rates.

Vientos was a shortstop in high school but will move off the position in the pros. He’s a bat-first prospect who is one of the youngest players available today.

Canning took a big tumble down the board, but not because of performance. There is word that his pre-draft MRI came back with some troubling looks at his elbow and shoulder — so much that teams are hesitant to take him too early. I still like him, but there was also risk of future injury.

Beck hasn’t pitched all season due to a stress fracture in his back. He has great command that helps his stuff play up. He’s a draft-eligible sophomore, so he could easily go back to school if he doesn’t get the signing bonus he wants.

Martin is one of my favorite under-the-radar prospects. He has performed well as a starter and his stuff is more advanced than some other pitchers ranked around him.

Knight is more of a 2nd-round prospect, but he’s projectable and has premium stuff. What has him ranked this low is because his delivery is violent and his frame isn’t conducive to starting long-term — yet.

Burger is one of the better college bats available, but he doesn’t fit the Dodgers’ desire for athletic players. He’s a true corner infielder masher. He’ll likely end up at first base, which puts even more pressure on his bat.

Rogers may not be available at 23, but the prep pitcher from New Mexico has tons of projection at 6’6, 185 pounds. His slider is lacking behind his fastball and his changeup is fringy at best right now. He’s a long-term project for sure, but has lots of potential.

Crouse is another prep arm the Dodgers won’t draft. But if they somehow do, they’ll have had plenty of looks at him because he’s a local kid.

Houck tumbled down my board. He’s a big, hulking right-hander whose stuff backed up a bit and lacks a legitimate third pitch. He could move quickly if drafted.

Campusano is one of the better catchers available in an incredibly thin call of backstops. Developing high school catchers is notoriously difficult, so he’d be one of the more challenging prospects for the player dev department.


The draft starts at 4 p.m. Enjoy!

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