Dodgers ‘Players Weekend’ jersey nicknames, ranked


The inaugural “Players Weekend” (Aug. 25-27) allows players to wear a nickname, phrase or whatever their heart desires (within reason, obviously) during the last weekend in August. Several Dodgers are participating.

I’m here to rank them because apparently that’s what we do at BuzzFeed Dodgers Digest now. I’ll do the Top 5, from 5 to 1.

Honorable Mention

Grant Dayton, a.k.a. “G Money”

While he has been anything but money, Dayton’s choice is a solid one.

Top 5

5. Yasiel Puig, a.k.a. “Wild Horse”

As if this could be anything else. Vin Scully bestowed this nickname on him shortly after Puig debuted in 2013, and it has stuck.

4. Logan Forsythe, a.k.a “Logie Bear”

This would rank higher if we didn’t already know this was his nickname, given to him by future Dodger Chris Archer. It would have been No. 1 if it had been “Logie” and the bear emoji, but I’m sure that’s difficult to embroider.

3. Kenta Maeda, a.k.a. “Maeken”

This might be even more obvious than Forsythe’s, but it’s just awesome. If you don’t know what the Maeken is, watch this.

And he still does it in the majors.

2. Chase Utley, a.k.a “Silver Fox”

Yessss. The smart money would have been on Utley being one of the “no fun” guys and just sticking with his name, but this is perfect. His nickname in Philadelphia was “The Man,” but this is so much better.

1. Ross Stripling, a.k.a. “Chicken Strip”

Winner winner, chicken … you know. Stripling is the clear winner here with his selection. Much better than the nickname of “Stripper,” one that dumbass Jared tried to give him a couple years ago.


And then you have the “no fun” guys in Josh Fields, Scott Kazmir and Corey Seager who are just going with their last names. At least go with “Beard,” “Kaz,” and “Seags,” if nothing else.

Also, Adam Liberatore missed a golden opportunity to go with “Lipitor,” so that finally Charley Steiner’s pronunciation would be correct.

Finally, perhaps the most obvious one (and a good choice):


See more of the selections here and in the team store on the Dodgers’ official website store.


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