Happy Thanksgiving from Dodgers Digest!

This post is intended as a quick programming note to let you know that we’re taking Thanksgiving weekend off, and that we’ll be back Monday (or around there) with more off-season #content. But since you’re here, we’ll also take a minute to say that we’re all grateful for all of you — for your readership, support, and, generally, making the experience that is Dodger baseball that much more entertaining. Well, all of us except Chad.

To those who are observing, enjoy the holiday.

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Sarah Wexler is a native Angeleno and longtime Dodger fan. She began blogging about baseball in 2012 on her Tumblr, New Grass On The Field, where she covered an array of topics but especially enjoyed exploring baseball history. She is now a reporter/producer for MLB.com. She earned her master's degree in Sports Management from Cal State Long Beach. She graduated from New York University in 2014 with a bachelor's in History and a minor in American Studies. She's an avid Springsteen fan, which is a big boost to her baseball writer cred.