Dodgers add 63 new prospects during 2017-18 international signing period

Jorbit Vivas (Via)

The 2017-18 international signing period ended 11 days ago, and the Dodgers brought in 63 new prospects. None of them were of the caliber of Yadier Alvarez or Yusniel Diaz, but there could be some $300,000 gems in the group.

Here’s the list.

Player Position Age Country Bonus
Darien Nunez LHP 25 Cuba unknown*
Gulliermo Zuniga RHP 19 Colombia $205,000**
Julio Enrique OF 17 Cuba $300,000
Yunior Garcia OF 16 Dominican Rep. $300,000
Gorge Heredia OF 16 Dominican Rep. $300,000
Andy Pages 3B/OF 17 Cuba $300,000
Amin Valdez SS 19 Dominican Rep. $300,000
Miguel Vargas 3B/1B 16 Cuba $300,000
Jorbit Vivas SS 16 Venezuela $300,000
Brayan Rodriguez OF 17 Dominican Rep. $215,000
Axel Acevedo RHP 17 Dominican Rep. $200,000
Yhostin Chirinos SS 17 Venezuela $200,000
Eddys Leonard SS 17 Dominican Rep. $200,000
Eynar Machin SS 17 Venezuela $200,000
Jaime Perez OF 18 Cuba $200,000
Luisneyer Perez LHP 18 Venezuela $200,000
Jeans Garcia 1B/3B 17 Dominican Rep. $150,000
Carlos Santiago SS 16 Venezuela $150,000
Rushenten Tomsjansen OF 17 Curacao $125,000
Andres Noriega C 17 Colombia $70,000
Jeffry Abreu RHP 18 Dominican Rep. unknown
Wilkin Baez  RHP 18 Dominican Rep. unknown
Hugo Beltran RHP 18 Colombia unknown
Israiky Berroa RHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Andrew Budier LHP 18 Nicaragua unknown
Jeisson Cabrera RHP 19 Dominican Rep. unknown
Darlin Camilo RHP 18 Dominican Rep. unknown
Mayron Cathalina OF 17 Aruba unknown
Daniel Cruz RHP 20 Dominican Rep. unknown
Carlos De Avila RHP 18 Colombia unknown
Carlos De Los Santos RHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Jesus Dominguez C 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Carlos Duran RHP 16 Dominican Rep. unknown
Engerbes Escalona RHP 19 Venezuela unknown
Alejandro Fernandez C 17 Venezuela unknown
Jimmie Feliz OF 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Harold Galindo RHP 17 ? unknown
Duany Gomez RHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Stiven Gutierrez LHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Jorge Hernandez OF 17 Venezuela unknown
Jenderson Jardines C 17 Venezuela unknown
Abel Moya RHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Jose Nava 3B 19 Venezuela unknown
Vladimir Perez SS 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Benony Robles LHP 17 Dominican Rep. unknown
Randy Rodriguez 2B 22 Dominican Rep. unknown
Jesus Valdez 2B 20 Dominican Rep. unknown
Imanol Vargas OF 19 Dominican Rep. unknown
Jonathan Vasquez RHP 18 Dominican Rep. unknown
Fernando Villicana LHP 16 Mexico unknown
Total $4,015,000
International pool $4,750,000
Difference $735,000

*- Bonus amount doesn’t count because he doesn’t fall under the international signing rules.
**- Only $5,000 of the bonus counts toward the pool, per MLB’s declaration.

I was able to track down 50 of the 63 international players the Dodgers signed over the past year. Many of the “unknown” bonus amounts are inconsequential and don’t count toward the bonus pool. The highest-ranked prospect on my Top 100 of the guys listed above is Vargas, who checked in at No. 51. I also had Heredia at No. 92, Zuniga at 96 and Leonard just slightly on the outside looking in.

Here’s a refresher on the international signing rules.

The international signing period, known as the July 2 period, is the time when teams can sign international prospects not subject to the MLB Draft. There used to be looser signing rules, but the new Collective Bargaining Agreement has put an end to a team going over its bonus pool, as the Dodgers did two years ago.

Since the Dodgers were a luxury tax team, they were allotted $4.75 million to sign players from July 2, 2017 through June 15. Of the reported bonuses I could find, the Dodgers spent just north of $4 million in that time. Any prospect signed for $10,000 or less does not count toward the bonus pool. The age cutoff for players used to be 23 years old, but it has now been raised to 25 years old, which was on display with the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes over the winter. The full rules area available here.


The Dodgers will not be limited by the $300,000 maximum per prospect rule for the upcoming signing period. They’re the favorites to sign Venezuelan catcher Diego Cartaya. He’s 16 years old and ranked as the top international prospect available, according to MLB Pipeline. They’re also the favorites to sign the No. 30 prospect in Jerming Rosario. We’ll have a full recap of any significant signings.

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