Dodgers have mild celebration for playoff clinch, debate hottest player, no Max Scherzer tomorrow


In what is hopefully just a trial post for many more celebration recaps to come, the Dodgers had a modest celebration for making the playoffs after an … eventful 2018 season.

Gotta get there to win it.

Dave Roberts addressed the team for a bit before things kicked off.

At least they made the visiting locker room a mess.

Cody Bellinger is making noises.

Clayton Kershaw always lets it burn.

I dunno what this is that he does now.

Well, he was shirtless with Tim Locastro.

Manny Machado enjoyed himself.


Yasiel Puig‘s interview segued into a valuable thing.

You see, Jerry Hairston was responsible for starting a debate on the hottest Dodgers player.

That led to a bracket.

Don’t @ me.


Anyway, one significant piece of news that heavily impacts tomorrow is that apparently Max Scherzer will not be starting because of … rest.

Not sure that argument makes any sense considering they were out of contention a while ago if it was that pressing, but okay. Just gotta keep winning.


Finish with a gallery of celebration pictures!

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