Winter Meetings: Potential Cervelli deal, Dodgers & Reds talking on odd trade, Clayton’s biomechanics, Utley for GM

Nothing much involving the Dodgers has actually happened yet, but the chances of things potentially happening does seem to be growing.


The most specific rumor involving the Dodgers thus far is Ross Stripling to the Pirates for catcher Francisco Cervelli.

Four years of a starter that is coming off an All-Star season for one year of an oft-injured catcher would probably not result in a win in terms of value, but that assumes it’s a 1-for-1 deal.

Well, something built around these two would certainly seem to make sense as the Dodgers need a catcher and they have a ton of starting pitching depth.


Perhaps the most interesting/bizarre/confusing rumor involves the Reds and Dodgers talking about … well, something.

Yasiel Puig? Alex Wood? Homer Bailey? The Dodgers being the team to get prospects from the Reds? Uh, sure, why not?

What is happening? Who knows, but the Reds GM did confirm that at least discussions are happening.

Definitely feels like something will go down between the two teams at some point.


The Dodgers being willing to move Rich Hill is a new one.

That doesn’t seem like the best idea, as Hill would still be an amazing #4 starter in a playoff rotation (if they get somebody like Corey Kluber) considering his track record.

Also, who knows what “re-shaping” the payroll means.


Speaking of the Dodgers shopping guys, Matt Kemp‘s name has unsurprisingly popped up.

While it would obviously be a shame to part with him again after he revitalized his career following his return to the Dodgers, there doesn’t appear to be a fit for him in the outfield at the moment, especially if they want to make a run a free agent outfielder like Bryce Harper.


As far as the front office trolling fans goes, well it doesn’t get much better than the rumor about the Dodgers’ interest in free agent relief pitcher Joe Kelly.

According to multiple major league sources, the Dodgers, Mets and White Sox have joined the Red Sox in becoming the most aggressive when it comes to pursuing the services of Kelly. Of all the teams Los Angeles may be putting the biggest push on garnering the services of the 30-year-old.

Irrational fandom says hard pass.



Another name that has just popped up is Cardinals infielder Jose Martinez.

That sounds like a thoroughly shitty idea, but I mean it would be fun in a way.


Given that the Dodgers gave Clayton Kershaw a lot of money this off-season, and given that his fastball velocity tanked quite a bit, it’s at least promising to see that he’s acknowledge that it’s an issue and is looking for answers.

Dave Roberts said that adding a change-up still seems unlikely.

Additionally, Roberts told reporters that Kenta Maeda will be used as a starter and Julio Urias will be on an innings limit.

Unsurprisingly, Roberts wants lefties Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy to not be platoon guys.

Yeah, hardly surprising considering how much leash they gave certain hitters to prove they could handle lefties last year.

Where is the lie?


The most important news of the day? Chase Utley is gonna work for the Dodgers.

Always in our hearts.


Oh yeah, Pedro Moura found out that new hitting coach Robert Van Scoyoc helped Gavin Lux on his way to a breakout year.

After posting a .244/.331/.362/.693 line in A-ball last year, Lux posted a .324/.396/.520/.916 line in high-A and a .324/.408/.495/.904 line in AA this year.

I mean, it’s promising.

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