The Max Muncy ‘Go Get It Out Of The Ocean’ shirt is here & it is glorious

Yesterday, Max Muncy smashed what ended up being the game-winning homer off Madison Bumgarner, and the events that followed led to an amazing shirt being created. Muncy watched the ball for just a bit before starting his jog and of course Mr. Sensitive flipped out at him over this.

As MadBum was screaming at him to not watch the ball, Muncy let out a quote that quickly went viral, later explaining that he told Bumgarner to essentially go get the ball out of the ocean.

That has led to the creation of what is immediately my favorite shirt we’ve done with BreakingT, which you should go buy now because it’s awesome.


The shirt supports Dodgers Digest for starters, but apart from being a shill for this stuff, honestly the shirts are quality and I wear them all the time. I have a feeling that this one in particular is something I’m going to wear often, and so should you, so go get one here.

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