Cody Bellinger’s game-tying dong boinked Albert Almora on the head yesterday

The Dodgers completed the series victory of the Cubs yesterday, managing to take three-of-four from their October rivals that they could once again see in a playoff matchup this year.

So that was important and so was Cody Bellinger‘s game-tying solo shot to right in the 6th. However, as I always bring you the most important content from the games, what was far more important was that dong hitting off the tarp in center and boinking Albert Almora on the noggin.

(H/T @AustinHuff)

It’s unfortunate that it took a SportsCenter highlight package to get this since the shot during the game cut away a split second too early. Well, at least SportsCenter is still good for something anyway.



As reader @ZackGould has so kindly reminded me, this happened last year with a Max Muncy dong as well.

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