2019 MLB Draft signing update: Jimmy Lewis signs, Dodgers also land Allison

Jimmy Lewis.

There won’t be any draft signing deadline day drama this year. The Dodgers locked up 2nd-rounder Jimmy Lewis on Wednesday, which made them 11-for-11 on the draftees they absolutely had to sign.

Round Player Slot Bonus Savings
1 Kody Hoese $2,740,300 $2,740,300 $0
1c Michael Busch $2,312,000 $2,312,000 $0
2c Jimmy Lewis $793,000 $1,100,000 ($307,000)
3 Ryan Pepiot $571,400 $547,500 $23,900
4 Brandon Lewis $430,800 $372,500 $58,300
5 Jack Little $321,100 $318,600 $2,500
6 Aaron Ochsenbein $249,000 $72,500 $176,500
7 Nick Robertson $195,700 $177,500 $18,200
8 Ryan Ward $163,400 $160,900 $2,500
9 Alec Gamboa $150,100 $17,500 $132,600
10 Zac Ching $142,300 $2,500 $139,800
11 Logan Boyer $125,000* $297,500 ($172,500)
19 Braydin Fink $125,000* $222,500 ($97,500)
24 Chet Allison $125,000* $222,500 ($97,500)
25 Jonny DeLuca $125,000* $300,000 ($175,00)
34 Francisco Martinez $125,000* $172,500 ($47,500)
Total   $8,069,100 $8,411,800 ($342,700)

The Dodgers got Lewis signed a couple days ago and they didn’t spend all their remaining bonus pool money. So, it seems Fresno State outfielder Chet Allison is the beneficiary of that. While his bonus isn’t yet known, it’s safe to say it’s more than the $125,000 the Dodgers could offer him without it counting against their pool.

After the Lewis signing, the Dodgers had $603,454 remaining before hitting the 5 percent overage. I’m not sure Allison got all of it, but he probably got a substantial portion.

Update July 12, 2:10 p.m.: The Dodgers also signed University of Oregon outfielder Jonny DeLuca. He signed for $300,000, $175,000 of which will count against the bonus pool. With this signing, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see Allison get the same bonus.

Update July 12, 4:43 p.m.: The Dodgers had a last-second flurry of signings, inking University of Oklahoma lefty Braidyn Fink and Puerto Rican prep lefty Francisco Martinez. And the Allison bonus was reported.

Update July 12, 4:47 p.m.: The Dodgers ended up spending $8,411,800 on draft picks — $60,755 from the 5 percent overage, which would have cos them their 1st-round pick next season. Don’t worry, this was never, ever close to happening.

The Dodgers missed out on some of the high schoolers they took after the 10th-round, but a couple of them were going to be tough signs anyway. I think they ended up doing pretty well on the whole. They signed 31 of their 41 draft picks this year. It’s the fewest number draft picks they have signed in the 4-year term of Andrew Friedman and Billy Gasparino, but only by one. So, it was a pretty standard draft for them.

While it’s still too early to tell, this draft class looks pretty good on paper. There may not be a Walker Buehler-level player in the lot, but there could be a lot of MLB contributors.

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