Dodgers players star in a BuzzFeed’s blindfold taste test, but complete CORRUPTION sullies the competition

The Dodgers have been collaborating with BuzzFeed recently on some light-hearted videos, the first of which had rookies Tony Gonsolin, Matt Beaty, and Dustin May playing Never Have I Ever.

Now they separated players into two teams to compete in a blindfold taste test with Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, and Kenta Maeda facing Justin Turner, Rich Hill, and Kristopher Negron. You may notice that one of those names is not like the others, and that’s true, Negron is so far above all of them.

The second team won … BUT it’s clear they also had a massive advantage. Cody asked if it was only hot dogs, so they didn’t know what the ingredients available where, but the second team did and were better equipped to guess.


I hope the first team sues BuzzFeed.

How is Bellinger ALWAYS eating ice cream?


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