Welcome Cody Bashore to Dodgers Digest

Much like the Dodgers last winter, we here at Dodgers Digest have gotten whiter.

We are adding Cody Bashore (@Cody_Bashore) to the mix here, because lord knows y’all don’t want 4 of every 5 articles to be written by yours truly. Plus, I’m not sure I can take all the rosterbating. Anyhoo, let’s have Cody talk about himself for a moment.

Hello to everyone reading, my name is Cody Bashore, a lifelong Dodger fan originally from Carpinteria, California (about 80 miles north of Dodger Stadium along the coast). I’m very excited about the opportunity to contribute to Dodgers Digest, which I have been reading dating back to Mike Scoscia’s Tragic Illness years ago. I left California to attend Northern Arizona University in 2011, and have lived in Arizona full-time since I graduated in 2014 with a journalism degree. I currently work for the local newspaper, as well as write for the university’s athletics department, so my Twitter is a mix on many different things (plenty of which readers of this site will have no interest in).

Cody was one of the final five when we did our last writer search, so we’re thrilled to be adding him to the group. He’ll be writing about many different things and is well-versed in advanced stats, which I’m sure comes as no surprise to you.

His first post will go up later on today.

Welcome to the family, Cody. Never read the comments.

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Dustin Nosler began writing about the Dodgers in July 2009 at his blog, Feelin' Kinda Blue. He co-hosted a weekly podcast with Jared Massey called Dugout Blues. He was a contributor/editor at The Hardball Times and True Blue LA. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with his bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in digital media. While at CSUS, he worked for the student-run newspaper The State Hornet for three years, culminating with a 1-year term as editor-in-chief. He resides in Stockton, Calif.