Winter Meetings Day 3: This is the Bad Place

Well, there really isn’t much to say. For the third time in as many days at this year’s Winter Meetings, one of the league’s top free agents signed. And for the third time in three days, Dodger fans came away disappointed.

Reportedly the deal also includes a full no-trade clause and no opt-out, as Anthony Rendon gets the same terms as his teammate Stephen Strasburg did to stay with the Washington Nationals.

The writing seemed to be on the wall that Anaheim pulled ahead earlier on Wednesday night, with Ken Rosenthal reporting a deal could come soon.

Now the Dodgers possibly turn to Josh Donaldson, though with the Rangers, Nationals, Braves and maybe Phillies all interested you have to wonder where the numbers might go on a potential deal. ($100 million over 4 years maybe?) Or the Dodgers will be forced to send away some of their top prospects for a guy they will need to pay in a few years anyway.


Maybe there is some creative deal ahead, but it is going to cost something more than a billionaire’s money from one of the league’s most prominent franchises. Whatever the answer ends up being, it isn’t going to make anyone feel any better after watching what transpired over the past three days.

To some, the dissatisfaction with a team consistently winning its division is sure to sound entitled. But expecting the best out of someone or something easily capable of more really shouldn’t be criticized. Especially when the recipient of that criticism is happily getting richer off of those who are upset. Personally, I was pretty fed up last offseason and kept it together looking ahead to this one. After an early playoff exit and the past three days, some may now be at their breaking point and for others, it may be closing in quickly.

Dodger fandom.

That Blake Treinen signing ended up buried rather quickly.

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