Joe Davis & Orel Hershiser have a very good podcast, Gavin Lux sorta does YouTube, plus cooking meat

Joe Davis shows us the big meat.

Given that this is an off-day for the simulated season we’re doing and that there’s absolutely nothing else going on, I thought it would be as appropriate a time as ever to try to fill in any #Content gaps.

The best way to do that at the moment is perhaps the new podcast from Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser called ‘Off Air With Joe & Orel‘ (Apple & Spotify). In the debut episode they talk about … well, our current quarantine reality and the podcast itself, as well as having Dave Roberts guest for a bit. In the following episode Orel gives emotional thoughts on the Astros sign-stealing scandal that I think are worth a listen alone, and they also have Dave back on again to talk about a variety of topics, including making managerial decisions in the modern game. Definitely enjoyed it so far, especially for providing some sense of staying connected to the Dodgers and baseball during this time. Plus some Clayton Kershaw guy is gonna guest next week.

Oh yeah, and Joe’s cooking on Instagram Stories has finally made its way to just being a thing the Dodgers official social media channels are featuring.

The only thing bad about this is its impact on my hunger.

Finally, while he hasn’t dropped a video in three months (for what I assume are Spring Training and then COVID-19 reasons), Gavin Lux has a YouTube channel that aims to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at things.


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