Dodgers most likely to fight Yasiel Puig next season, ranked

Yasiel Puig will not be a member of the Dodgers next season, which is no surprise, but what is a bit of a surprise is that he will reportedly be a member of the Giants instead.

That is interesting, not just because of the rivalry with the Dodgers but because of his personal history with the Giants and Madison Bumgarner.

While Bumgarner is now gone, Puig still seems to get especially riled up by rivals, and we know that he’ll fight anybody and being on a new team won’t stop him.

With that in mind, a fight with the Dodgers at some point next year seems inevitable. Who is most likely to throw down with him?

  1. Joe Kelly
  2. Alex Wood
  3. Walker Buehler
  4. Max Muncy
  5. Caleb Ferguson
  6. Clayton Kershaw
  7. Dave Roberts
  8. Blake Treinen
  9. Corey Seager
  10. Andrew Friedman

Results final.

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