2020 MLB Draft: Dodgers finish class by signing 2nd-rounder Clayton Beeter

Clayton Beeter

Never a doubt! The Dodgers signed 2nd-round competitive balance selection Clayton Beeter to close their 2020 draft signing period.


Beeter was my favorite pick of this draft class and was thrilled when they popped him. I know he’s a high-risk guy, but coming into this developmental system can only be a good thing for him.

Here’s the bonus pool update.

1Bobby Miller$2,424,600$2,200,000$224,600
2Landon Knack$1,157,400$715,000$442,400
2cbClayton Beeter$1,003,300$1,196,500($193,200)
3Jake Vogel$581,600$1,622,500($1,040,900)
4Carson Taylor$434,300$400,000$34,300
5Gavin Stone$327,200$100,000$227,200

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Dustin, didn’t the Dodgers go over the 5 percent limit? Aren’t they going to lose their 1st-round pick next year?”

No, faithful reader, they will not, thanks to the famed $2,500 accounting trick some teams employ when it comes to draft pick signing bonuses.

So, four of the six Dodger draftees’ bonuses in the table above don’t account for the $2,500 accounting trick (Beeter and Vogel’s do). If you take that extra $10,000 and add it to the $305,600 they’re over, that gives you $295,600. They could go up to $296,419 (5 percent, less $1) to stay under within the first tax bracket. So, the Dodgers had an extra $819 to spare on their draft bonus pool. Oh those crafty nerds.

Here it is in table form, should you prefer that.

1Bobby Miller$2,424,600$2,197,500$227,100
2Landon Knack$1,157,400$712,500$444,900
2cbClayton Beeter$1,003,300$1,196,500($193,200)
3Jake Vogel$581,600$1,622,500($1,040,900)
4Carson Taylor$434,300$397,500$36,800
5Gavin Stone$327,200$97,500$229,700

The Dodgers can still sign undrafted free agents, but to date, they’ve signed just one — Robbie Peto.


I usually do a midseason prospect update at the All-Star break, which would have been next week. This year I probably won’t do a full reordering of the Top 30, but I might do an updated Top 33-34 with the new draftees included (Taylor and Stone won’t crack that list). We’ll see.

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