Dodgers @ Giants August 27, 2020: Game on, hopefully with some consideration for why it wasn’t for a day

Photo: Sarah Wexler

Yesterday was an eventful day that eventually led to a postponed game in light of the ongoing social justice efforts and solidarity showed by the Dodgers, something Dustin covered at length.

Today, as other teams are currently either decided on whether to postpone games or have already done so, the Dodgers will apparently play their doubleheader with the Giants.

The edit to Mookie’s status was apparently caused by conversations he had with Dave Roberts and The Players Alliance.

Is it the right decision to play today given that other sports are not? Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty for one does not believe so, and it’s hard to argue with it feeling off, especially since it’s basically been up to the players.

Until league action gets passed down, however, as far as the Dodgers go I’m glad they showed a unified front in support of Mookie Betts yesterday and I sure hope that continued today and will continue because that was powerful to see. Hopefully we get some answers to the status of things after the games and the media doesn’t just pass on holding them to the statements they gave yesterday.

Baseball is back for now, though it’s worth truly considering the reasons why it went away for even a day.

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