Dodgers barely celebrate NLDS sweep cause it’s 2020, but have bigger things on their mind anyway

(Via @Dodgers)

After a lot of hype, the NLDS ended in a sweep, with the Dodgers taking it over the Padres in three games.

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to see much celebrating after the game and the teams aren’t allowed to do their usual, so the official content effectively boils down to a handful of pictures and some interviews.

Well, the family stuff was good at least.

At least I wasn’t the only one who was missing it.

Well, guess we need to fill the void with petty.

Also, everybody got in on the Deep Thoughts With Cody Bellinger meme.

Gotta respect the OG, tho.

For good measure, there’s Andrew Friedman shitting on the Astros.

Anyway, onto the Braves in the NLCS. They seem to be a rather underrated team this year, so hopefully they don’t get overlooked.

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