Documenting Reddit hilariously melting down about Justin Turner’s HBP in Game 3 of the NLCS

The Dodgers made the NLCS against the Braves a series again by taking Game 3 in relatively uncontroversial fashion, making it a laugher early with a 11-run 1st inning and putting it in cruise control the rest of the way.

Or at least I thought it was uncontroversial until I was reading the subreddit for baseball after the game and stumbled upon people absolutely melting down about Justin Turner’s hit-by-pitch where he stuck his foot out to take a base.

Yeah, that should’ve been a ball instead of a hit-by-pitch as he effectively leaned into one or at least that ended up being the result if he was trying to avoid it. But folks, the takes are extraordinary.

Since I admittedly dedicate a lot of time to criticizing and arguing with Dodger fans about the Dodgers, here’s some content where we can laugh at other fans together.

Remember, at this point in the game the Dodgers were already up 7-0 and even if the umpire had saw what happened it would’ve just been a ball.

The Respect Retractors

Stuff like this is among the most baffling. I don’t understand how something as innocuous as this can lead to your opinion of somebody changing. Maybe I can understand the overreaction if it was in a close game or something, but

The False Equivalence Enthusiasts

This is exactly like what the Astros did, you guys. Good talk.

The Conspiracy Theorist

Rob Manfred, notorious fan of the Dodgers and helper of them during scandals and what not. Absolutely.

The most amazing part about this one, which I also saw from Braves fans, is that it effectively requires the Braves pitching staff to be complicit considering it was, again, 7-0.

The Bitter Rival

Get hit in the head and/or have the game result reversed and/or suspended for leaning in despite no players getting suspended for organizational cheating scandal and Yuli Gurriel being almost as blatantly racist to an Asian player as one can be.

Are Padres fans alright?

The Apologetic Fan

Some people try way too hard to farm karma or some shit by trying to be the reasonable fan and just going along with whatever dumb groupthink is happening even if it’s a comically overstated witch hunt.

The Meltdown

There are more of each, honestly, but let’s stop here since I sorta feel weirded out about how these kinda comments read.


Yeah yeah, I know so many comments on sites like Reddit and elsewhere have overreactions like this in the heat of the moment, but this honestly really stood out to me in terms of the gulf demonstrated here between what a reasonable person might say about what transpired and the unhinged overdramatic stuff that people actually said. I was just surprised at how comically serious people were taking it and how people seemed to just go along with that.

Man, wait till they hear about what Austin Barnes does to umpires.

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