Podcast: Dugout Blues, the final episode – Dodgers are World Series Champions

We’re back … for the final time. On this episode of the Dugout Blues podcast, Jared and I make a triumphant return to talk about the Dodgers winning the 2020 World Series. Yeah, that’s a thing we’ll never get tired of saying.

It’s our first episode together since the early January 2019. Things kind of just petered out, so we felt we owed our loyal 10 or so listeners a proper finale to the show, and what better way to do it than by celebrating the Dodgers.

We talked all about the Series, the NLCS, Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner and his COVID idiocy, our fandom and we even manage to squeeze in some talk about Logan White — which is extremely on brand for us.

One person I realize we didn’t mention was Dave Roberts. It was an oversight, but Doc did well, for the most part, this October. Game 4 of the Series wasn’t great, but Game 6 was nearly perfect. And in the end, he has a ring.

Here’s the direct link, should this embed not work for you.


With that, this is the end of the Dugout Blues podcast in its current iteration. Jared and I cannot thank all of you enough for the support over the years. We weren’t always perfect and we didn’t record every single week since 2012(!), but when we did, we enjoyed. I’m sorry it isn’t going to continue, but all things come to an end — like the Dodgers’ 32-year World Series drought.

Enjoy this, Dodger fans. Enjoy this, Dugout Blues fan. It’ll never be like this again. And you know what, that’s OK.

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Dustin Nosler began writing about the Dodgers in July 2009 at his blog, Feelin' Kinda Blue. He co-hosted a weekly podcast with Jared Massey called Dugout Blues. He was a contributor/editor at The Hardball Times and True Blue LA. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with his bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in digital media. While at CSUS, he worked for the student-run newspaper The State Hornet for three years, culminating with a 1-year term as editor-in-chief. He resides in Stockton, Calif.