Dodgers celebrating the 2020 World Series continues unabated with SNLA special, including elite fan compilation

Nobody is happier about the Dodgers winning the World Series than Sportsnet LA, as they can now finally stop showing 1988 highlights on loop when the season isn’t on. instead, they can pump out new content about the 2020 World Series to absolutely parched Dodgers fans like me, and the livestream special This Is Our Year was aired yesterday with interviews with the players and what not.

Stuff like Clayton Kershaw playing Queen’s “We Are The Champions” on loop is amazing and makes it that much better that he finally got one.

Oh yeah, Andre Ethier had a great celebration he filmed and also it reminded me that they should give a ring to the entire 2017 roster.

Arguably though that wasn’t even the highlight of the special, as there was a compilation shown at the start of Dodgers fans reacting to the final out and I don’t think there was more relatable content.

Dodgers won the World Series, lol.

Insufferable about it? Absolutely. Care about that being the case? Absolutely not.

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