Dodgers renew contract of outfielder Andrew Toles, continuing the effort to provide support

Photo: Stacie Wheeler

Back in June of last year, Dodgers fans got a worrying update about the status of former outfielder Andrew Toles. Fortunately though, a more recent update from just a week ago was a lot more positive, and now according to an AP report on ESPN the team has renewed Toles’ contract.

Others renewed Arizona right-hander Zac Gallen ($607,500/$287,500), Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles ($583,500/$93,000), Atlanta pitcher Ian Anderson ($575,500/$142,978) and Oakland catcher Sean Murphy ($575,500/$281,750).

It was reported previously that the Dodgers were aware of Toles’ problems and were working to help him. This at least seems to make that support official, and while I’m not sure how much of the money he will receive, the primary reason for this is likely for similar reasons as the Padres signing Matt LaChappa to minor-league contracts every year so he can keep necessary health insurance.

Update: As he will remain on the restricted list, he will not draw a salary.

As fans there’s not much we can really do right now except wish him the best, but I do hope this trend of having positive updates to provide regarding Toles’ status continues.

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