2021 MLB Draft: Dodgers Big Board 5.0 + mock draft roundup

The MLB Draft begins at 4 p.m., and because MLB is not the smartest, they decided to not only have the draft today, but also to have the Future’s Game (Michael Busch and Andre Jackson are the Dodgers’ representatives) and actually games today. You know, instead of spacing things out a bit. Look at the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday and be amazed.

Anyway, before we get to the final version of my Big Board, let’s take a look at who other reputable outlets have had the Dodgers taking in their respective mock drafts.

Mock Draft Roundup

Mock DraftPlayer
The Athletic 1.0Ryan Cusick
The Athletic 2.0Gunnar Hoglund
The Athletic 3.0Andrew Painter
Baseball America 1.0Chase Petty
Baseball America 2.0Carson Williams
Baseball America 3.0Frank Mozzicato
Baseball America 4.0 (staff)Colston Montgomery
Baseball America 5.0Jud Fabian
Baseball America 6.0Ryan Cusick
CBS MLB 1.0Jaden Hill
CBS MLB 2.0Peyton Stovall
ESPN 1.0Ben Kudrna
ESPN 2.0Ryan Cusick
ESPN 3.0Ryan Cusick
FanGraphs 1.0Max Muncy
FanGraphs 2.0Sam Bachman
MLB Pipeline 1.0Peyton Stovall
MLB Pipeline 2.0Peyton Stovall
MLB Pipeline 3.0Gunnar Hoglund
MLB Pipeline 4.0Peyton Stovall
MLB Pipeline 5.0Peyton Stovall
MLB Pipeline 6.0Matheu Nelson
MLB Pipeline 7.0Peyton Stovall
MLB Pipeline 8.0Matheu Nelson
MLB Pipeline 9.0Matheu Nelson
Perfect Game 1.0Thatcher Hurd
Perfect Game 2.0Thatcher Hurd
Perfect Game 3.0 (video)Sam Bachman
Prospects Live 4.0Jud Fabian
Prospects Live 5.0Lonnie White, Jr.
Prospects Live 6.0Lorenzo Carrier
Prospects Live 7.0Peyton Stovall

There are other prospects — not necessarily in the first round — linked to the Dodgers who don’t appear as picks in these mocks or on my Big Board below. They are as follows:

  • LHP Ky Bush, Saint Mary’s
  • LHP Gage Jump, JSerra HS (Calif.)
  • 3B Wes Kath, Desert Mountain HS (Ariz.)
  • C Joe Mack, Williamsville East HS (N.Y.)
  • SS Cody Morissette, Boston College
  • 3B Izaac Pacheco, Friendswood HS (Texas)
  • OF Tyler Whitaker, Bishop Gorman HS (Nev.)
  • RHP Alec Willis, Regis Jesuit HS (Colo.)

So, don’t be surprised if these names come up at some point.

Bonus Pool

Overall, the Dodgers have $4,646,700 to sign 2021 draftees. It’s the second-smallest bonus pool, ahead of the Astros and their $2,940,600. The Dodgers forfeited their 2nd-round selection when they made a bad signing over the winter. Here’s how it breaks down in the first 10 (nine) rounds.

Round (overall)Slot
1 (29)$2,424,600
3 (101)$577,000
4 (131)$430,800
5 (162)$318,200
6 (192)$247,000
7 (222)$194,400
8 (252)$162,700
9 (282)$149,800
10 (312)$142,200

If a player in the Top 10 rounds doesn’t sign, that amount is deducted from the team’s bonus pool. Conversely, teams can spend up to 5% (less $1) and not forfeit any future draft picks. They would have to pay a 75% tax on the overage. So, the Dodgers can spend $232,334 over their allotment, or $4,879,034. After the 10th round, any player who signs for more than $125,000 will have his bonus count against the pool. Undrafted players can sign for up to $20,000. It’s like last year, except there are 15 more rounds. The Dodgers ended up signing a few undrafted free agents last year.


Before we get to the last version of the Big Board, here are the ones from the five weeks.

Previous Boards


Big Board v 5.0

  1. RHP Sam Bachman, Miami (Ohio) [Profile] No. 9 to Anaheim
  2. OF Jud Fabian, Florida [Profile] No. 40 to Boston
  3. RHP Chase Petty, Mainland Regional HS (N.J.) [Profile] No. 26 to Minnesota
  4. 2B/SS Peyton Stovall, Haughton HS (La.) [Profile]
  5. SS/RHP Carson Williams, Torrey Pines HS (Calif.) [Profile] No. 28 to Tampa Bay
  6. SS Max Muncy, Thousand Oaks HS (Calif.) [Profile] No. 25 to Oakland
  7. RHP Jaden Hill, LSU [Profile] No. 44 to Colorado
  8. RHP Ryan Cusick, Wake Forest [Profile] No. 24 to Atlanta
  9. OF Lonnie White, Jr., Malvern Prep HS (Penn.) No. 64 to Pittsburgh
  10. RHP Gavin Williams, East Carolina [Profile] No. 23 to Cleveland
  11. RHP Michael McGreevy, UC Santa Barbara No. 18 to St. Louis
  12. SS/3B Trey Sweeney, Eastern Illinois No. 20 to New York (AL)
  13. LHP Frank Mozzicato, East Catholic HS (Conn.) No. 7 to Kansas City
  14. RHP Andrew Painter, Cavalry Christian HS (Fla.) No. 13 to Philadelphia
  15. SS Colston Montgomery, Southridge HS (Ind.) No. 22 to Chicago (AL)
  16. C Adrian Del Castillo, Miami (FL) [Profile] No. 67 to Arizona
  17. RHP Thatcher Hurd, Mira Costa HS (Calif.)
  18. RHP Ben Kudrna, Blue Valley Southwest HS (Kan.) No. 43 to Kansas City
  19. RHP/SS Spencer Schwellenbach, Nebraska No. 59 to Atlanta
  20. OF Christian Franklin, Arkansas No. 123 to Chicago (NL)

We have a new No. 1 on draft day. Word is Bachman might slip due to past injury concerns and substantial reliever risk, but he has remarkable stuff and fits the Dodgers’ MO when it comes to pitching prospects.

Fabian slips to No. 2, but is still one of the higher ceiling prospects the Dodgers could realistically nab at 29. But he comes with risk as well (alarmingly high strikeout rates, contact issues).

Many have said Petty is like the collegiate version of Bachman, and they’re right. He’s been linked to the Dodgers since early on in the process.

Stovall is a Gavin LuxMichael Busch hybird with an impressive bat. He has been the prospect most frequently tied to the Dodgers.

Williams is becoming a personal favorite of mine and has been linked to the Dodgers. His potential as a pitcher helps his stock in my eyes (even if he’s going to give shortstop a go first).

Muncy isn’t here for his name. He’s a legit prospect and the buzz around him and the Dodgers is legit. However, he has late helium and might not make it to their pick.

Hill probably wouldn’t be available at 29 if he hadn’t torn his UCL. But the Dodgers aren’t ones to be scared off by injuries — even Tommy John surgery.

Cusick has filthy stuff and reminds a lot of Bobby Miller from last year’s draft. So, we know he fits the draft philosophy.

White is the most athletic player in my Top 20 board. He’s a legit center fielder with untapped raw power. He’s also committed to Penn State to play center field and wide receiver, so signability could be a concern here.

Williams drops a bit in my rankings, but not because anything he has done. I’m just higher on some of the other guys, but Williams has everything the Dodgers look for in a pitching prospect.

McGreevy has been linked to the Dodgers and is a command/control over stuff guy. They took a guy like that a couple years ago in the third round, and now he’s lighting up the minors (Ryan Pepiot).

Sweeney benefits from a weaker college bat class, but he seems quite tied to the Twins at No. 26, so he may not even make it to the Dodgers’ pick. He gives off Corey Seager vibes.

Mozzicato would be a throwback to the Logan White days. He’s a projectable, left-hander with a plus-curveball. No, he’s not the next Clayton Kershaw, but he’s a legit prospect.

Painter is a hulking right-hander who was projected to be a Top 15-20 pick, but as a lot of prep right-handers do come draft day, there’s a chance he could fall and be available for LA at 29.

Montgomery is making his board debut. The big shortstop/third baseman also gives off Seager vibes, but he’s already 19 years old and teams factor that in when it comes to prep players.

Del Castillo could easily go before No. 29 or fall to the middle of the second round. The bat is legit, though. His ability to stick behind the plate, however, remains to be seen.

Hurd is a high-spin breaking ball guy with an average fastball. He’s projectable, so thre could be more velo to come.

Kudrna, aside from having the last name I have the hardest time spelling, is also a projectable righty and, instead of a curveball, boasts a mid-80s slider.

Schwellenbach has mixed reviews from scouts as to his best position, but he’s a legit 2-way talent who could be a shortstop/high-leverage reliever (if he isn’t stretched out to start).

I have yet to see Franklin linked to the Dodgers, but his profile reminds me of someone the Dodgers could take if they’re looking to save some money in the first round.


I’ll update the board as the players get drafted. Stay tuned for a write-up of whoever the Dodgers land with their 1st-round pick.

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