Dodgers @ Giants – September 3, 2021: The Battle For The NL West

The Dodgers and Giants start a gigantic September series for supremacy in the NL West tonight, and it’s made even bigger by the fact that this is effectively the best inter-division series in baseball history.

Now, these two teams meet for a series in which they enter with identical .634 winning percentages, tied with each other for best in the Majors. This is just the second season in the divisional era when two teams will meet, at least 130 games into a season, each with winning percentages of .630 or better. The Yankees and Dodgers did it on Aug. 23-25, 2019, at Dodger Stadium. But here’s the thing: the Yankees and Dodgers aren’t in the same league, let alone the same division. That means that this meeting between the Dodgers and Giants is the first of its kind between two teams in the same division (again, divisions are since ‘69). Talk about a historic rivalry moment.

The starting lineups for that moment look solid.

One thing you’ll likely notice is that Corey Knebel is starting in place of David Price.

Welp, nobody said anything about the matchups themselves being the best.


Hype video!

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