Dodgers avoid arbitration mess in 2022 after agreeing with Trea Turner, Julio Urias, Caleb Ferguson

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Back in October of last year, a whole CBA ago, Dustin previewed the five arbitration-eligible Dodgers for the upcoming season. Since then, Scott Alexander was outrighted off the 40-man roster and it was revealed during the lockout that the Dodgers had avoided arbitration with Cody Bellinger during his third go around at $17 million ($16 million projected*).

Still that left Trea Turner, Julio Urias, and Caleb Ferguson without deals before today’s deadline, but the Dodgers have agreed with all three and avoided arbitration mess.


Trea Turner – $21 Million ($19.8 Million Projected)

Julio Urias – $8 Million ($8.8 Million Projected)

Caleb Ferguson – $762,500 ($700,000 Projected)

*Arbitration projections are taken from MLB Trade Rumors and Matt Swartz.

Nothing too surprising of note, though the bump in minimum salary in the new CBA makes it so Ferguson gets a bump in his first year of arbitration.


According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, the Dodgers should be around the last CBT threshold now, which the Dodgers appear to be using as a salary cap of sorts, at least according to Kenley Jansen in his contract negotiations with the team. Obviously Trevor Bauer getting suspended would alleviate that financial pressure, so perhaps the Dodgers are counting on that if they want to add moving forward, or they’re simply going to look to move salary in trades..

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